Situation Analysis and Strategy Development for the Processes

People Management and –Optimization

We analyze the work force of your company together with you and your management team. Based on a target scenario we identify competence gaps and develop, together with you, a training strategy, define new positions necessary and support you in selecting new team members.

Organization Analysis

On the basis of your vision we develop together with you the necessary organization structure and the actions needed to come from the actual to the target structure.

Target Market Analysis

Together with your management team we analyze the requirements from your target markets and derive a plan for the adjustment of the product portfolio and the market presence.

Competitor Analysis

We compare the USPs of your products with the abilities of the competition and the requirements of the target markets. Together with your management team we develop measures to strengthen the company’s positioning.

Result Analysis

We analyze the profit situation of your company and identify the profit contributions of the various products / product groups. Based on this we develop modifications necessary.

Development, Structuring and Focusing of Measures

Based on the analysis of your company we develop together with you and your management team the necessary measure to come from the actual to the target status. We structure the results, we assess the expenses and the resulting additional contributions margins. Based on this we derive recommendations for the implementation and prepare the necessary management decisions.

Implementation of Measures

Once the management decisions concerning the proposed measures have been taken, we support your team in the implementation phase. We ensure the right focus of the implementation team and eliminate obstacles as far as possible. We write progress reports for the

Structuring of Business Processes

Changed conditions, such as the growth of a company, often require an adjustment of the structural and process organization. Management, completely engaged in the daily business, frequently has no time to reflect on these strategic changes and, where appropriate, to implement changes. We analyze, focused on the task and the actual processes and depending on the specific situation, together with your management team, the current processes, define the target processes and develop the necessary measures for a transition. We evaluate the implementation of measures and the target processes regarding investments, costs and necessary human resources and propose an action plan. If you wish, we will support your management team in implementing these actions.

Coaching of the General and Second Level Management

You are new in your management role and “thrown at the deep end”, and management you have not learned about? Maybe you’re an “old hand” and worrying that your management skills and abilities deserve a refresher? We support you in your new job and analyze your patterns of behavior. We accompany you in your business life, give feedback on potential improvements and changes in behavior patterns and practice this with you. Together with you we develop a strategy to strengthen your support in the workforce and train with you the necessary behavior. We support you on your way to find your personal work organization. We give you assistance with the difficult question of “work-life balance”. We work with you on the fundamental topic of “delegation” and help you to find the right strategy. We will familiarize you with the important, necessary and legally required activities of a manager. We will help you to perfect your written and verbal communications with employees, customers and suppliers. We will also improve your body language.

Strategic Initiatives (Outsourcing, New Markets etc.

You plan a strategic initiative to improve your business position sustainably – but you lack the necessary staff resources for this? We can assist you with these tasks. We work with you to develop an implementation plan, we provide project management, we report on the progress of the project and transfer the results to your employee (s).

Transfer Process to New Owners / New Management

You run your business since many years and now think about passing the business over to a successor? We advise you throughout the entire process,

  • starting with the preparations,
  • and then continue with the implementation of change
  • and finally support the new management in the first months after the transition.

In all three process steps we support you / your successors in the necessary measures to ensure that they are carried out correctly and completely. We help to create the necessary analyzes and plans, to work out agreements, etc. Finally, we will coach the new management in their new role.

Know How Safeguarding

Have you ever considered what happens when your most important employee informs you, that he / she has signed a contract with a competitor? Have you thought about what happens if one of the most important experts in your company, maybe even yourself, for whatever reason is not available for weeks or even months? Suddenly, not only capacity is missing, but a lot of knowledge isn’t accessible to the company. “We have everything in written! Our processes are well documented!” you might argue. But knowledge is like an iceberg: only a small part is visible, the majority is under water, which means: it’s only in the minds of people. Even the temporary loss of an important person can cause immense economic loss to your business. We analyze the situation in your company together with you and work with you on strategies to address the potential knowledge loss preventatively. This includes measures to prevent that employees leave in an unplanned way (retention management).