Filling Gaps in the Transfer of Business

You intend to pass your company over to new hands, but have at present no successor? We take over the management of your small or medium-sized enterprise and prepare together with you the handover to the future entrepreneurs. If necessary, we coach the designated successor with regards to his / her future role. At your request, we will assist in the transfer of the company and support the new CEO in the first months of his / her new job.

Taking over of temporary management vacancies

One of your executives left the company short term and you do not have a successor? We take over the vacant managerial position in the technical field and lead your employees and your business processes. We seek and find together with you the successor for that position. We will train the new manager in the new role.

Management of Strategic Projects

You have planned a major strategic project, but among your employees there is no one who could lead this? We will take over the management for this project, lead the team recruited out of your company staff and bring the project to success in accordance with the agreed project targets.