Executive Management for Small and Medium Companies

We take over for you or do together with you the management of your company. In a multi-member board we are responsible for the technical areas preferably. As sole managing director we control all business processes, including management of profit and loss. We agree with you about the goals and ensure their achievement. Depending on the complexity of the task we devote the full or only a determined part of the labor force for your company.

Support of the Management in the Implementing their Goals

For your convenience, we work with you to achieve your goals by giving support as a consultant or we act as a line manager with personal responsibility. In any case, we assume responsibility for the agreed targets!Linienvorgesetzter mit Personalverantwortung führen. Auf jeden Fall übernehmen wir Verantwortung für die vereinbarten Ziele!

Project Management for Technical Projects

For major development projects, we take over the management of your specialist team and take responsibility for the achievement of jointly defined project goals. We will support you if necessary in building the necessary project team.

Project Management for Organization Projects

In the same way we take care of managing your organizational projects or your projects for business growth. We guide your project team and take responsibility for achieving the agreed results.

Turnaround Management

Making companies profitable again requires a clear analysis and, as a result, sometimes unpopular decisions. We support you in this process by analyzing the current situation, specify the alternatives and bring them to the necessary decisions. In the implementation of these decisions, we support you in the communication to the employee and to your business partners. Together with you we take the necessary measures for implementation. We measure the success and make sure to be on the right track.