On the Way to the Energy of the Future

Fukushima, warm house effect, renewable energies, globalization, market liberalization, housing crisis, global financial crisis, demographic change, political change in totalitarian countries, skills shortage, knowledge explosion: Rarely there have been so many challenges at a time in the past. Now its up to overcome these challenges, analyze the situation, deduce the consequences, define and implement the necessary measures in an optimal way.

Only too easy, fears arise out of such a situation – like always, when major changes come up in an individual’s environment. And substantial changes will be necessary. In contrast, these changes provide a multitude of opportunities: New industries come up, new services are deserved, new technology makes our life easier, new products are available, new markets come up – and a new awareness for sustainable solutions arises, specifically with respect to the future energy supply.

Such a situation deserves an excellent management!

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