Two and a half decades of leadership experience in different positions taught me, Dr.-Ing. Bertold Bunten, born 1953, to tackle professional issues always in an entrepreneurial way considering technical and economical constraints. Working with people from and in other cultures, be they employees, customers, suppliers or other partners, made me sensitive to different needs and characteristics. Based on these business and cultural experiences, I can now work out solutions for you and together with you that comprehensively consider the overall relationship between the business and the people who drive it.  After studying electrical engineering, specializing in power engineering, at the RWTH Aachen (Germany), I worked at the “Institut für Elektrische Anlagen und Energiewirtschaft”, where I also received my PhD. After a short stint in a software / consulting company, I accepted a job in the software project management of a large electrical engineering company. Within a few years only, my responsibilities expanded to the full business responsibility for a division of that company. I scored major success with the creation of a completely new product portfolio, starting from specification and development to production, sales, marketing and service in all continents of the world. My responsibilities included the management of various foreign subsidiaries as well as the membership in the management team of the International Business Unit, which led the worldwide activities of the group in that particular market segment. Due to the multiple changes of ownership of the business I’ve worked successfully in very different business cultures.