Our service is entirely dedicated to the needs of the customer. Targets agreed with the customer give the framework for the implementation of the project. The project progress as well as unforeseen problems, e.g. project delays or technical / organizational obstacles, will promptly and completely be communicated to the client. Necessary decision that go beyond the competence of the contractor, will be submitted to the client together with the possible decision alternatives.  In our activities we strictly comply with all laws and regulations. Never we will knowingly violate such rules or encourage others to do so. In doing our work, we will consider all relevant information and make sure that judgments and decisions are transparent, reproducible and documented accordingly. We will treat all the information brought to our knowledge absolutely confidential. In case it is necessary to bring confidential information to third parties involved, we will first seek agreement with our customer and then commit the third party to the same confidentiality. Even after the end of a project we will behave completely loyal to a customer. In particular, we will not use information, which we obtained in the course of the project, to the harm of our customers. This includes that we do not use company-specific information from one project in a future project for other clients to the disadvantage of the original principal. Furthermore, we will not approach employees, which we met during project execution, in order to motivate them to change jobs.   Our motto is like this: “The business is for man, not man for the business.” Accordingly the human being stands in the center of all activities. We will treat all individuals with whom we work in a project, in a fair and lawful manner. In particular, we will not make any discriminatory statements or decisions.